Chris Abelen

jazz, funk, you name it
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New 2016 album - A day at the office (CAMP-006) for jazz/funk septet.

Fiona Ord-Shrimpton’s -
All About Jazz - comment on ‘Fix’:
‘The pharmacy was closed when the many tired ghosts of Miles Davis decided to in vivo freak this band. Suitable for zombies and psychedelics. #livingdeadcharm’

free Fix download on
All About Jazz and BandCamp

Kevin Whitehead - liner notes:
Trombonist Chris Abelen doesn’t think (or talk) like other composer bandleaders—the kind who work to further their careers. He lives just outside Amsterdam, and is plugged into the scene there, but he isn’t one for hanging in the Bimhuis café till all hours, or mounting bands to play international summer festivals. He has a disarming habit of describing his process as chaotic, or plain nuts: When I put this bassist and drummer together, each wrongly assumed the other would keep time. Or he’d tell you how uncomfortable someone was playing in his band. When he put out the archival live recording Proost, he was careful to mention how little the original audience had cared for it. For example. Read more…

A day at the office (CAMP-006) will be released end August on all major streaming services
Minus one at sheet music plus
Cover tiny file look inside Fix For Alto Sax,Baritone Sax,Trumpet,Trombone,Double Bass,Drums,Bass Guitar,Jazz Ensemble. Jazz,Funk Jazz,Pop. Intermediate. Score. 10 pages.
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Another new album, trombone solo with samples. It started as a warming-up for A day at the office, we will see were it ends
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Plint is an EP, as an introduction to my music. From a quartet to a 10-piece band, with a string quartet. 4 pieces are on previously published albums, the title track is new, with a great tenor solo by Tobias Delius
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Is it too much to suggest that on his four CDs so far, Chris Abelen has taken a thesis-antithesis-synthesis approach to bandleading? Kevin Whitehead - liner notes
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A much stronger effort than his earlier Dance of the Penguins, What a Romance features a more confident, mature, and gruff-sounding Chris Abelen on trombone -- who not only leads but does so in glorious style. Steven Loewy - All Music Guide
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Delius is featured over pedal tones on "Delay," just before Corrie van Binsbergen breaks out with a nasty electric guitar solo. Charles Huffstadt's march drums on "Who's Next" recall Henry Threadgill's Sextet, but this group's got a wholly original sound. Bassist Wilbert de Joode wields an enviable high-action, matte-timbre sound.
John Corbett - Downbeat
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Imagine the Art Ensemble Of Chicago jamming with Duke Ellington and the Willem Breuker Collective, injecting their jam with elements from the New Orleans funk, blues and brass band music, and you'll get a pretty good picture of what this CD by this Dutch trombone player sounds like. GROOVEMASTER
I think listening to music on Youtube and looking at a picture of me, under a beach umbrella or in an aquarium is a quite boring setting. So I jumped in the car and drove to the beach and Amsterdam to shoot some footage. As you will see (and agree), the videos are of such superb ‘home-made’ quality even the local video clubs didn’t accept me.