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Plint ! is an EP with a newly published tune, Plint, for jazz quartet.
The other 4 tunes also appear on CAMP 001CD, 002CD & 004CD.
Plint ! (CAMP 005EP) is an introduction to my music.
All tunes are also available as sheet music & ringtone and can be heard on all major streaming services..

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Granddisque (Space)

What a relief to be able to breathe and stroll around freely in a 'space' that is not unnecessarily cluttered. There is no need for excessive loudness, as the clarity of the performance enables the listener to hear every single detail of what is on offer. A virtue only too easily forgotten in contemporary orchestral jazz. Chris Abelen has undeniably reached a very high standard.
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Downbeat (Dance of the Penguins)

On his debut as a frontman, Dutch trombonist Abelen's terse, potent compositions serve as seed bed for his band's economical improvisations, and his deft players cultivate some very special flora, indeed.
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Imagine the Art Ensemble Of Chicago jamming with Duke Ellington and the Willem Breuker Collective, injecting their jam with elements from the New Orleans funk, blues and brass band...
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All Music Guide

A much stronger effort than his earlier Dance of the Penguins, What a Romance features a more confident, mature, and gruff-sounding Chris Abelen on trombone -- who not only leads but does so in glorious style. The trombonist has expanded his technical abilities without sacrificing the distinct primitive tonal qualities that make his blowing so attractive.
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