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What a romance - reviews
A much stronger effort than his earlier Dance of the Penguins, What a Romance features a more confident, mature, and gruff-sounding Chris Abelen on trombone - who not only leads but does so in glorious style.
Steven Loewy, All Music Guide

An insidious nonchalant merriment.
Alex Dutilh, Jazz Man

While this approach would simply sound unfocused with loads of other players, with Abelen and company it bristles with excitement.
Peter Margasak
Jazz Times

Intriguing contemporary jazz which, unlike much free jazz that is hampered by the tendency of performers to produce too many notes, remains quite interesting because of the many changes in intensity. Chris Abelen and his quintet have a sense of proportion.
Rene de Cocq, Luister

Abelen's music is full of unexpected turns. He allows his listeners but little time to get used to a rythmic or melodic phrase. The five musicians not only come from various bands, they also have their roots in a wide diversity of musical styles. But that is exactly what makes this music so exciting and full of tension.
PIP - Jazz Live

These five romp through the set with an electrifying exuberance; making the most of these simple heads and weaving together a set of engaging ensemble interplay.
Michael Rosenstein
As a rule, improvisatory music is not at its best when recorded. This disc is the proverbial exception.
Rinus van der Heiden
Brabants Dagblad
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