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this week Hoover, for jazz quintet
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at this moment I am working on another new project, Make money, not love, with Bastiaan Geleijnse, for a jazz septet
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this week's jazz playlist, 7 selected tracks, from Roswell Rudd to Frank Rosolino, on Spotify & Rdio, Hoover included

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Welcome, I am a jazz trombone player and composer from the Netherlands. Over the past years I have produced 2 CD's, Dance of the Penguins and What a romance. But this wouldn't be possible without the contribution of such fine players as Corrie van Binsbergen, Tobias Delius, Wilbert de Joode and Charles Huffstadt. On the 3rd CD Space the line-up is extended with the Zapp! String Quartet and Ab Baars on clarinet. The 4th CD, PROOST, was commissioned by NOS Radio and recorded live at the Klap op de Vuurpijl in Amsterdam, organised by Willem Breuker.
Plint ! (EP) is an introduction to my music.

About the videos, as you may have noticed, YouTube is nowadays a medium hard to ignore. But uploading an audio file to YouTube and adding some pictures of me under a beach umbrella or in an aquarium would not keep your attention more than a few seconds.
So I jumped in the car and drove to the beach and Amsterdam shooting some videos. As you will see the results are 2 superb 'home-made' videos, but I don't expect to win an Oscar or any other movie award. I even think the local video club wouldn't accept me.

Please check out the sheet music tab if you would like to play one or more of my compositions. For listening without my distracting video contributions please find yourself a nice seat, all tunes are available on major streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody, R'dio, on iTunes and on CD. But a long car ride is also a nice alternative.

At this moment I am working on a new project, Make money, not love, with Bastiaan Geleijnse.

For updates on this project, and this week's jazz playlist, please subscribe to the newsletter and receive a free set [score, parts, lead sheets and mp3] of Plint, the title song from my EP.