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Chris Abelen Quintet, Zapp String Quartet & Ab Baars - Space - reviews
There is no need for excessive loudness, as the clarity of the performance enables the listener to hear every single detail of what is on offer. A virtue only too easily forgotten in contemporary orchestral jazz. Chris Abelen has undeniably reached a very high standard.
Jean Buzelin. Jazzman Magazine [France] - Grand Disque [****]

A striking feature of this music is that whereas quartets usually make every effort to sound like a big band, Abelen seems to enjoy clambering onto his audience's lap with his large ensemble.
Rudie Kagie. Vrij Nederland

One does not hear from trombonist Chris Abelen very often, but whenever the former member of Contraband and the Willem Breuker Kollektief makes his appearance, he always succeeds in making up for lost time.
Koen Schouten. De Volkskrant

Although at one point he departs from his usual legato tone to indulge in prolonged double-tonguing, overall his expositions never go beyond the bounds of good taste-sort of like a modern-day Eddie Bert or Frank Rosolino.
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